The Sound Of Silence

I must say that tonight was a really really great night. I went to youth, and was pumped about going because my friend Jer was going to be “preaching” and I knew it was going to be a time for God to really move. I didn’t know how he was going to move, but I knew he would. And he did. Wow.

The world is too loud; silence is so under-rated. Spending silent time with God is so key, I know that, and yet it is still so hard to do sometimes. So it was awesome tonight to have time specifically set aside for being with God. Listening to him. Talking to him. Worshipping him. I spent basically the whole time just being silent with God, pen in hand, paper in front of me, and wrote down a fraction of the things God had to say to me. His love continues to blow me away, a little more each day.

In discovering God’s love, I’ve been learning something really key: God wants to tell us what we’re doing right. He doesn’t want to sit back and condemn us for all the things we’ve done wrong, he also sees when we do things right and he wants to praise us for that. Just as it hurts him when we mess up, he is delighted when we do things that are good. And he wants to tell us what we’re doing right! Take time to listen. God loves you more than you can even begin to imagine, and he wants to tell you how much he loves you.

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