Rant Of The Moment

I was at the Vibe Awards in Calgary this past weekend. All in all, a pretty good experience. stereotrap was amazing, I got to spend time with Crystal: a friend from SoD, and the road trip was a blast. I have four words for you: Drumheller dinosaur sprinkler park :)

The title of this post however, is not “my amazing weekend in Calgary”. So I’ll get on with my ranting.

Right before the intermission at the Vibe Awards, they played a promo video for Compassion Canada and the wonderful world of child sponsorship. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not think that there’s anything wrong with child sponsorship. I think it’s a great thing as long as it is not the whole of your contribution to the world, because if it is you’ve got a thing or two to learn about ministry my friend. No, what bothered me is this:

The video focused on how we as a society should stop spending money to support pop culture and use that money to benefit poverty stricken children. CD’s, movies, video games…whatever consumes your money: give it up. Truly, a very good message. I agreed with the basic vibe (get it?! :)) of the video.

But (and there always is a “but”, isn’t there?) then the mc’s told us, “ok, we’re going to have a fifteen minute intermission. Take some time to stretch your legs, grab something from the concession, and check out the cd’s at the Blessings table.” Excuse me?? Did we not just spend ten minutes listening to a message telling us not to spend our money on unnecessary things? How does it suddenly become okay to blow your money on cd’s when they are “Christian”? Supposedly it’s good for me to forsake buying a much wanted Starbucks caramel frappuccino in order to sponsor a needy child in Peru. Supposedly it’s good for me to pass up The Matrix: Reloaded (which I didn’t by the way: what does that say about me?) in order to feed kids in Angola. But that latest deliriou5? album? Go for it! God would be really happy with you if you spent your money on stuff that is part of Christian pop culture. As long as it’s “Christian” it’s ok.

It made me ill. In fact, I still feel ill.

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