“Sucks to your pride Kimbo, sucks to your pride.”

You know what is incredibly frustrating? Job hunting for over a month and turning up absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

So I saw an ad in the paper about teaching English overseas: job guaranteed. Sounds good….well the part about a guaranteed job anyway. The whole travelling overseas thing is not quite so appealing: I mean I just got home, I don’t want to leave again so soon. So I tried to write off the idea, but God had other ideas. “Go to the info seminar,” he seemed to be saying over and over again. I said no. And he said yes. And I said no. And he said yes. So I said ok, fine, I’ll go check it out. And I did, and I’m more afraid of going now than I ever was before. But I think that whole thing was perhaps just a way to get me to re-evalute a job opportunity that has been under my nose this entire time.

This whole time that I’ve been job hunting people have been saying to me, “Why don’t you go back to your job at Burger King?” Well the very suggestion of that is enough to make my stomach turn. I just really am not keen about the idea of working fast food again. I mean, I’ve graduated from high school. I’ve been halfway around the world. I am capable of doing much more than serving burgers. “I’m too good for that,” was really the core of my thought, though I would never have admitted it in quite those words before.

But I talked to one of my best friends tonite, Colin, and he said maybe I should go back to BK. And I fought the idea….but really, why not? Finally I am opening my ears to God saying to me, “Sucks to your pride Kimbo! Sucks to your pride! You want to be a light, so be one. BK needs your light as much as any other place.”

So maybe I’ll be going back to the fast food business. I still don’t want to, but sucks to my pride right?

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