Time Will Tell

stumbling through the sky
through distant rainclouds
and fears
my stomach is in knots
there’s no one here
to dry my tears

i’m afraid
of what isn’t
i’m afraid
of what could be
i’m afraid
of falling farther
without you here
with me

silence cries out her concern
she paints blue over the clouds
over the rain
it refuses to fall
to give me rest from this place
i’ve so long lain

your foot slipped
through my emotions
and my heart found
its way to my sleeve
truth is a funny thing
when it breaks

i’m afraid
of falling farther
of falling for you

4 Responses to “Time Will Tell”

  1. Clay Says:

    I don’t know how you were able to make it flow so well. Every stanza seems to hold its own as something separate, but somehow it’s all connected. It’s good…really draws the reader in!

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