Seek ye first the kingdom of yourself and all these things will be added unto you?

Sometime last week I turned the tv on in the morning. I have the blessing of only having three channels on my tv (blessing because it keeps me from spending hours checked out in front of a mindless box….) Anyway, 100 Huntley Street was on, and once again I was blown away by what they had on. I can’t handle shows like this. It seems so fabricated. They are so filled-with-the-Spirit and they talk so smoothly and perfectly and all this may-the-joy-of-the-Lord-be-with-you stuff just seems so superficial and shallow.

Anyway, what really blew me away this time was the lady they had on for an interview. She was talking about the call to pray through intercession and I thought, “hey cool!” because I have felt that same call numerous times. I thought she would have some great things to say.

But then she went on to talk about how intercessory prayer is her job. Her JOB. She gets paid by a company to pray for them. Paid to ask God to bless business. Give us more money, and what have you. Um, HELLO? What is that??! I may be wrong, but I highly doubt the financial well-being of a company in Calgary is all that high on God’s list of concern. What about all the starving, suffering, dying people around the world? The people hurting and in pain, needing the love of Christ to be manifested to them. I’d venture a guess that they need prayer a lot more than a capitalist corporation. Oh but wait….no one pays to pray for impoverished people. Well in that case, count me out…

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  1. linsaymartens Says:

    Let me guess, is it an oil company in Calgary that she “works” for?!

  2. Linea Lanoie Says:

    It is too sickening to watch those shows really. And God gets so misrepresented. I haven’t heard many non-Christians mention how wonderful they thought these shows are. My God doesn’t seem to be like their image of him. But I do believe he can equally bless a business in Canada and a person in an impoverished country. There is more to being blessed than experiencing financial abundance – otherwise we would be much poorer and they would be much richer. I know that sounds rather shallow too but we shouldn’t try to trap God within our pre-conceived notions of Him. He is just too big and incomprehensible sometimes and when I start to ask why something has happened I usually end up with no good answers as understood by my finite mind.

  3. Clay Says:

    I’m not sure about half these shows…much of them seem just TOO fabricated. Maybe for SOME few people it might help them see God, but I think for the most part it just doesn’t feel real. But those shows are generally geared towards christian old people sitting in their houses with nothing to do, not the typical person who’s looking for some spiritual answers. Still…like with many things, something else needs to be done in that area of ministry.

  4. markio Says:

    I don’t know what you are talking about. I’d love to get paid by some big company to spend my time in intercession. I don’t think that it would do the company a whole lot of good but I’d love to spend that time with God. I don’t think that I would ever be able to be counted with the numbers of Praying Hyde or Reese Howell but I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.

    That being said, I have to agree with you. These shows are way too prozac for me most of the time. Sometimes they have on people who you know are sharing from their deep experiences of pain and joy but most often we select the best so that we can make God look good. I think that God can look good even when we talk about our own crap. I have to believe that God looks even bigger when we realize that he is big enough to handle the messes that we make. So much so that we do have times of refreshing and joy.

  5. Jeremy Says:

    The short-sightedness of people… I have money so I will force people to pray for me, you know, incantations to incite the gods to bless my efforts. Sounds so……… Cannanite.

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