This whole trip to Sweden thing has been one crazy rollercoaster ride already. First they took forever to get back to me so I had lost hope in hearing from them. Then they wrote back and said yeah, we’d love to have you come. So I was flying for a few days on my giddiness. Then they dropped a bomb on me, telling me that my room and board wouldn’t be covered, which would incur a thousand dollar increase in the amount of money that I’d need to go. So I basically said sucks to that, see ya later, I do not and will not have that kind of money by the time I would be leaving. And they just wrote back and said I get to stay for free! For FREE! YAAAAY! So now, for the moment, unless something changes, I am still going to Sweden.

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  1. Christine Says:

    awe, good for you kim! i’m pretty excited for you!

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