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Why would your opinion be any less valid because you aren’t the next Martin Luther? I think you should share as long as you are sensitive and fair to the people involved. (Comment posted by LT on my last post)

You’re right. Ok, here goes. This is what got me upset yesterday:
I was out for supper at a local restaurant (an A&W that would like to remain annonymous…oh, oops…) yesterday with my mom and dad. There we were, sitting in the corner enjoying our food, myself with two Mama Burgers and my parents each with a Papa Burger and rootbeers. Yes that’s right, I said beer. So along comes this man with two of his kids and they sit down at the table behind me. He looks at me and says, “Hi, how’s it going?” It took me a while to figure out who it was, but then it clicked, he goes to the same institutional church that I am a member of. The same church that my parents attended until early this year. Later on he started talking to me again, asking what I’m doing this fall, so on and so forth. Then as we were leaving he said good-bye to me and then said to my dad, “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Ok so what’s my Canadian beef? This:
He said hi to me and engaged conversation with me…but with my parents? Absolutely not. And why should he have? ….they don’t belong to the same ‘church’ as him anymore, so why would they be worth his time? What is that anyways?! My mom said they experienced the same thing with the last church we left (when I was 10). Even my dad’s cousin and his wife, two of my parents’ closest friends, didn’t want to talk to my parents for a while because they were leaving the “church”.

So….I don’t know if I was entirely sensitive and fair to the people involved here…..but that’s what got me frustrated yesterday, and what keeps me frustrated today.

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  1. Clay Says:

    Okay, that doesn’t makes sense at all…I don’t understand people. A church is just one part of the Church. We’re all (supposed to be) part of the same team. It shouldn’t matter if someone else chose to go to a different church…if you’re gonna be polite to someone who goes to your current church, you should be just as polite to someone who used to go to your church. Christians have to stop being so hypocritical and show the same love to EVERYONE…not just members of their local church. Yeesh…The church shouldn’t be a club where only ‘members’ get special treatment.

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