A Man Who Hears God

In the past week I’ve been engaging in a bit of conversation with one of my regular customers at Burger King. Nearly every day he comes in during breakfast and orders a coffee. Then he sits at the back of the restaurant (same booth every day….you know how regulars are), and he reads his Bible that is overflowing with papers. His name is Hans. He doesn’t have a home. Everyday he walks to Burger King and McDonald’s and back to the truck cab that he lives in because “the Lord has called him to travel that one square mile of Saskatoon streets and minister to the people there.” He is a man of prayer, and a man of unexplainable joy. Out of having ‘nothing’ he has an everpresent smile on his face. He is always joyful. He is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. I bought him some toast this morning, and he told me it was an answer to prayer….on the way to BK he had been thinking about how chilly he was and how some toast would be really great to give him a bit of energy. And then he wished a blessing on my heart. He just keeps giving of everything he has. Hans is a man who really hears God.

10 Responses to “A Man Who Hears God”

  1. Atcho Says:

    My goodness Kimmi, you are so lucky that you have this person in your life now. Your kindness towards a complete stranger paid off. Bless your heart indeed and Hans.

  2. Clay Says:

    Indeed Hans has been a blessing to you, and you to him. Your kindness always astounds me (even if you say it’s nothing.) I don’t know too many people that would do that for someone. I’m so pumped to see your heart in line with what God has planned for you. You wouldn’t have had the urge to buy him toast if you weren’t listening to the small voice inside. Keep it up. You’re amazing!

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