Welcome to my uncomfort zone

So here’s some shocking news: I will be leading a grade 8&9 girls Bible study this year at Dalmeny Community Church (the church I’ve gone to for the past 9 years). Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the type to put myself out on a limb like that….I’m not really the teacher type. Or I never thought I was and never allowed myself to be that type. When I was in Melkbos (Atlantic South African town), I volunteered to lead one of the weekly Bible studies in my small group on SoD. I was totally shocked that I volunteered to do it, as was Jodie, my mentor. He was so pumped to see me take that step, so two weeks later when we were on the Wild Coast I lead a discussion about what it means to put your hope in God. Crazy, it actually went well. Jodie told me he thought it was a big step for me. And now look at me….I’m going to be leading a junior high girls bible study on Wednesday evenings. I’m more than a little intimidated by all this, but I think it will be really good as well. If you could please please please keep me in your prayers, I would so much appreciate it. THANK YOU! Shalom.

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  1. Clay Says:

    That’s pretty cool to hear. I’m sure you’ll do well. You’ll end up learning alot by teaching.

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