Road Trip Of The Century

I just arrived in Edmonton: yay! I had a sweeeeeet trip. I stopped in Vegreville to see the world’s largest Ukrainian Easter egg….incredible. And while I was there this guy was telling me about a giant sausage link in a nearby town…who can resist a giant sausage monument?? So off I went to Mundare to see SMP’s (don’t ask what that stands for, because I don’t know) monument to their amazing sausage making ability. And the people from the easter egg were at the sausage thing, so I got my picture taken with them. INCREDIBLE! If you’re ever in the market for a road trip, I highly recommend Vegreville and Mundare. Edmonton….not so much. The roads are terrible confusing. Boourns to Edmonton….:P

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  1. Markio Says:

    I’m not sure about the confusing thing. I lived in Edmonton for a summer and I couldn’t believe how the street numbers all went by numbers. It was crazy. That city, at least the older part, is completely grid. Although I will admit that the trails are confusing. Jasper avenue not the lest of which.

  2. Linea Says:

    I have memories this summer of trying to find the exit for the #2 highway south to Calgary. Passed it since it is named something else. Took us about half an hour extra to get back on the right track

  3. Clay Says:

    Admit it, Edmonton’s not SOOOO bad *wink*

  4. Kirk Trew Says:

    I hope you bought some Mundare sausage too. It’s great stuff. The giant sausage is rather amusing. I remember the first time I saw that thing. I was on my way to YWAM Victoria….

  5. Kimbo Says:

    Nope, didn’t get any sausage. I’ll pick some up next time though.
    And you’re right Clay, Edmonton isn’t all that bad. It’s just you that makes me dislike it :P

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