God in a t-shirt store

Today I was at Schmatta (Clay was getting a shirt made. Mmm, baseball shirts are where it’s at :) Anyway, I was wearing my t-shirt that I got at Encounter (Columbia Bible College), and a girl that works at Schmatta was like, “Did you go there (CBC)?” I said no, I had just been at Encounter. Then a few minutes later she was like, “So, do you go to church in the city?” And told her I attend Dalmeny Community Church (though not very regularly), and that I am part of a home church in Saskatoon.

That got us talking for a while about church. It was really great. She is a really sweet girl who is in church transition right now and it was cool to talk to her and hear where she’s at. She has a few friends who are part of another home church, and so she was wondering what ours is like. I can understand how the idea of it is very foreign to people. She said, “it’s weird because talking to my friends…they don’t meet in a regular place and their church doesn’t have a name and it’s kinda weird to hear them say, “yeah, I did the sermon this week” and stuff like that.” Yet she is someone who is dissatisfied with huge churches: they are too impersonal. She wants something smaller and more community-ish. It just blew me away how such a great conversation came up in a totally random place like that.

We also got talking about ministry and what are good and bad approaches. (The world needs more people ministering through love, and less people preaching through the fire and brimstone approach). She has a friend who turned down a university scholarship so that she could get involved with a group that repairs peoples’ homes out of a heart of love for the people living in them. I think that is awesome. Practical ministry is something that really inspires me.

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  1. atcho Says:

    Thats aweswome sweetie! Myo your a great girl who’s easy to talk to!

  2. Elicia Says:

    Hi! This is the Schmatta girl you wrote about! My boss Steve found your page on the web when he was searching for Schmatta. I think it’s so cool that you wrote about our conversation, and that you mentioned my best friend Dalene. Email me sometime and we’ll talk more. I’m going to a new C&C at lakeview free methodist on feb. 2nd @ 8pm – you should come. some old youth pastors of mine are putting it on – remember carla from POOR MAN’S WEALTH at city wide? well…email me soon and we’ll talk. elicia.

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