I hate banks.

Sometime in late December, I applied for a MasterCard. I figured it would be good to have a credit card with me on my trip, in case my debit card doesn’t work or something. Plus, I HATE traveller’s cheques: they are the most annoying little brats in the world. So, I get this thing in the mail today telling me they won’t issue me a card at this time. Apparently I don’t have a good credit rating or something. Or apparently I haven’t been working for long enough. Apparently I don’t make enough money. I’d like to know a few things: How the heck can I have a bad credit rating when I’ve never done anything to affect it? I don’t HAVE a credit rating at this point, as far as I know… PLUS! How has my brother, who never has money and as far as I can tell, must have a terrible credit rating, how has HE been issued credit cards from the time he was like 17 or something?? This is blowing my mind. And now I don’t know what to do.
I hate banks.

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  1. jerolson Says:

    Try getting a Canadian Tire credit card first. That’s how I got my visa.

  2. Neely Says:

    That’s strange because MC/Visa (forget which one) sent me an application for one. But I doubt I would have gotten it either. I’m trying to imagine what a horrible credit rating I must have!

  3. Clay Says:

    You already know my deal with the bank hating…ugh! Don’t get me started.

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