So long sweet solitude

Tonight marks the end of my week having the house to myself: my parents arrive back in Canada tonight.
I’ve had a great time living on my own for the week:
-Driving a new VW (thanks for the loaner M&D)
-Pigging out on fruit
-Playing “poker” with the “family”
-Holding a Lonely Hearts Club meeting with Kell
-Eating a lot of grilled pork chops with Montreal Chicken seasoning on them
-Washing dishes
-Falling asleep almost every night while talking to my sweet Clayton
-Getting amazing news from Caitlin
-Having my brother over a few times to raid the junk food in the house

It’s been a blast. It’ll be great to have my parents home again though. Maybe they got me something cool in Cuba: one can only hope. And tomorrow….it’s back to driving my own sweet car. (If you know what it looks like…you’d laugh).

5 Responses to “So long sweet solitude”

  1. Clay Says:

    “sweet Clayton”
    “sweet car. (If you know what it looks like…you’d laugh).”


  2. kimbo Says:


  3. hailey Says:

    whatd my sister tell you???

  4. kimbo Says:

    you’ll have to grill her if you want info.

  5. hailey Says:

    jerk :) haha

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