New favourites

Ok, this is a rather meaningless post, but here it is nonetheless.
GO to Starbucks NOW and order an extra caramel sauce Caramel Latte, or an Americano.
I tried both of these drinks at work for the first time today and was blown away.

The Americano is just plain yummy if you like coffee. Rather than brewed coffee, it is shots of espresso watered down with…well, hot water. SO yummy.

And the Caramel Latte……I took one sip of it and said out loud, “holy cow, this is the drink that could make ANY bad day better!” Incredible.
So go. GO! Go now.

9 Responses to “New favourites”

  1. Neely Says:

    No, I couldn’t tell you work at Starbucks :) I had something last week, I forget what it’s called but there’s toffee and nuts or something I think?

  2. hailey Says:

    sounds great! if i could drive…

  3. kimbo Says:

    Toffee Nut Latte.
    My favourite part of that drink is the toffee sprinkles on top. Yummmmy.

  4. Kai Says:

    Starbucks coffee could make someones day better?

    I love the coffee colored background though.

  5. Neely Says:

    Yes, Toffee Nut Latte, mmmm. I only like two things from Starbucks: that and the now deceased Tazo Citrus (which makes me cry! well kinda).

  6. kimbo Says:

    I think the Tazo Frapps will be back in summer. Don’t lose hope yet.

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