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How many small groups actually do go out into their community and work to reach out to the “unchurched”? well, maybe it would be better for these people to stay unchurched, unspoiled by the ravages of the institution. maybe it would be better for “good people” who are focused on loving others to just continue to love others. love for others is love for God. perhaps they are closer followers of christ than we give them credit for. perhaps their love for others will be counted as righteousness.

what about the people who don’t go to church religiously, but who clothe the naked and feed the hungry? what will God have to say to them. Jesus said, “you will know them by their fruit” this is the most distinguishable characteristic of people in the Spirit: you will know them by their fruit. so let’s say you have a person working the 9-5 workweek/prison, seeking material comfort and going to an evangelical church every sunday, claiming, “i have been born again.”
let’s also say you have a person working in the inner city, working with hurting people, homeless people, hungry people. This person works to help these hurting people feel like they matter, like they are real people too, instead of trying to sweep them under the rug of society. oh yeah, and this person doesn’t go to church every sunday. this person does not claim to be “born again”.

which one is bearing fruit of the Spirit?
Who is closer to salvation?
Just what is the deal with this thing we call Grace??

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  1. Larky Lark Says:

    My thoughts on your examples, my dear Kimbo:
    I personally don’t see the comparison. We are all individuals before the Throne of Judgement. And this…you know. So as per the first: We must me slow to point fingers at the genuinity of faith…as we can, I’m sure, all see in our pasts the ‘self-centredness’ we’ve exhibited with God. To CLAIM the fire insurance and seek the HAND of God and promptly forget about the face of our Lord when the bills are paid, the car works, the loved ones are well, our relationships with others are…manageable. To be sure – we are accountable for our actions…our fruit does reveal far more than the credit we may give it. So….is this person’s faith genuine. That is the Lord’s call – as the one who sees directly through the smoke and mirrors of our excuses and reasoning. Abundant life in Christ is a process…this the Parable of the Vine seems to teach us. We are pruned, refined, and commissioned to the degree of our hearts. The more we give to the Lord to prune, the more abundantly we receive and the more abundantly we can pour out. God is faithful. He is also Hopeful. Ever Patient. Some our slow-learners Kim. Some are even slower learners.
    So if you are suggesting that one is a “better Christian” than another based on works…I would disagree. I can do nothing to earn MORE love from God. Nor can I do anything to earn less. I may be more fruitful – but does that become my standard of value before God…or before others…and should I even be measuring against others?

    As per the second: I hate to sound like a party pooper…but the Bible seems very clear to me on the terms of salvation. Romans outlines it well that it is by grace alone. That being said…and at the risk of being stoned: I’m sure that there are a lot of nice, helpful, accomodating, etc etc etc people in Hell. We are ALL made in the image of God and thus all possess the capacity for compassion, love, care, tenderness, patience, the list continues. Good for us. But to not recognize the Cross is to not recognize our sin, our desperation for a Savior, our hopelessness without His saving grace. It is at the Cross where Salvation lies…always. What is grace? Sigh. The volumes written about this are staggering…and yet no one will ever be able to fully grasp the undoubtably simple concept that Heaven has employed. You know the simple definitions of grace, Kim. On top of those I would simply share that Grace is a reflection of God’s character. God extends grace to ALL who ASK for it because that is WHO He is..and he in incapable of contradicting Himself. Grace has never and can never be measured based on who deserves it or who exhibits the most “Christ-like” qualities after the fact. God KNEW that Grace would be abused…that was the risk he took in extending it to ALL – but that is what Love would do…be INCLUSIVE as Jesus was…and not EXCLUSIVE as the religious leaders the day. As fast as I am typing…no, even faster than that, thoughts are forming…and so I think I shall quit right now. These are just some things to think about and pray about. I love you Kim -and your seeking heart. I’m looking forward to seeing you – and your fiancee (and the ring he came with *wink*) – tomorrow night. Talk to you soon, my dear.

  2. Carla Says:

    Great questions Kim! I’m thinkin’ about them often…doesn’t mean I have any answers. :)
    Oh, and congratulations!!

  3. Jude Says:

    Sweet searching sister. Thank you for your heart. Thank you for your passion.
    Thank you for surrounding yourself with friends like Lark (who somehow managed to put every thought in print as if I had written it myself).

    I love you and continue to stand in awe of my Heavenly Father who has revealed Himelf to you in such real ways at what I would consider such a young age. He has already done great things through you for His glory. I anticipate the many more wonderful things he will accomplish through you – all to his Glory, honor and power.

    Search sister, search.

    With prayers, tears and much love. J

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