Short Update

I guess I haven’t blogged in a while….here’s the scoop, if you care :)
I’m in Edmonton right now, hanging out with my soon to be family. Clay’s going to be moving to Saskatoon next week, and looking for work. Anyone know of anything? He’s pure genius with anything computers so, you know, hook him up.
I’ll be going back to work at Central Haven near the end of the month, and will look into getting back on at Starbucks as well.
I’ll be back at youth on Wednesday…. :)
Something very cool is that I’m the new MCC Project Co-ordinator at church. I don’t know exactly what that is all going to entail, but I am pumped about it. I’ll let you know when I find more out. Basically, when MCC has projects, I…co-ordinate them? haha Yeah, as if that helps.
I’ll be home on Monday. See some of you soon.

7 Responses to “Short Update”

  1. kimbo Says:

    Oh yeah, and I did go to Winnipeg for a week. Just if you care.

  2. Ashley G Says:

    Kim, lookin’ forward to seeing you at youth! :)

  3. hailey Says:

    i echo ashley!

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