inferiority complex

Apparently things don’t get easier as you get older…..dang, somehow I thought they would.
I thought that in time, I would learn to love myself more, believe in myself more, and not feel inferior to people.
I thought that in time, I would magically become confident in myself and not shy away when someone more dominating and charismatic enters the scene.
That hasn’t magically happened.

But I’ve discovered something really cool…..something that might change all that: something altogether quite….magical. Someone actually.

The Holy Spirit.

God. Wow! He is altogether quite fantastic! I have discovered the freedom that comes with confession and renunciation. Repentance. Such a beautiful thing. The Holy Spirit…..this dude swoops in and asks you to change everything. Demands a life change. And then He sticks around to help you. That is pretty fantastic if you ask me.

So maybe….just maybe…..if I ask, He’ll help me out with this inferiority thing too….

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