Trogdor Strikes Again!

Check out that majesty.

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  1. Clay Says:


  2. Lark Says:

    “Check out that majesty” That comment alone is absolute genius Kim. Majesty. I could laugh about that for a good long while. You fully called a pumpkin carving a ‘majesty’ design. That HAS to make it into the lingo!! Love ya babe…thanks for being you.

  3. Jude Says:

    Kim, forgive my absolute ignorance but what on earth is a Trogdor?

  4. Col Says:

    i love it…especially cuz it’s HOMESTAR-RELATED! i just introduced one of my co-workers to the idyllic ways of “majesty” today…sheer brilliance.

  5. Lark Says:

    Ahhhh….thanks Clay…it makes a lot more sense now.
    And I must say, DANG was that a good Homestar (I know…I can’t believe that I said that).
    But for real…let’s run through the epic parts:
    “S for snake….er…dragon..whatever”
    “S…more differnent S….consumate V’s for teeth” – consumate…LOVE IT
    The name: Trogdor the BURNINATOR
    “Check out that majesty” – wow. Genius.
    But the best part by far:
    The cheesy 80’s rock song…complete with a synthesizer and 80’s sing/sreaming…that talking about “burninating peasants and country-side”
    Wow Kim/Clay…this was a great distraction!
    Amazing carving by the way…you’re consumate V’s are majesty.

  6. hailey Says:

    this is beyond words…

  7. Rob Says:

    Kim, that is totally “Randle” from Monsters Inc.
    Torgdoor, did the frog slam into the tree as he was jumping for the door?????

  8. Kimbo Says:

    Rob, I’m confused.

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