Growing like a weed

Markus is amazing. He is smiling and cooing so much now: who ever thought a toothless grin could look so beautiful?! I’ll try to post some new pictures on the gallery soon. I mean, I’ll try to get Clay to post some new pictures soon. I’m so uninformed when it comes to that stuff.

Our dear son has been sleeping through the night for a week and a half already! He is two months old now: I can’t believe how fortunate (?)/ lucky (?)/ blessed we are. The trick is to give him a bath before I give him his night-time snack. He’s out for 6-8 hours every time. One night we even got 9 hours of sleep. And despite what everyone expects, I’m not up every two hours checking his breathing: I’ve been too sleep deprived for that. When I do wake up in the night, I just pray that the Lord will make Markus make a sound to let me know he’s doing good, and he always does. I know God loves him even more than I do, and has his angels watching over our precious baby as he sleeps, or does whatever else his cute self is doing.

Also, he was weighed again on Tuesday, and is 13lbs 2 oz. already! It is incredible how quickly he is growing! Everyone always says, “Enjoy him while he’s young….” like when he’s old, he’ll be a nightmare, or just plain boring. Well yesterday someone finally told me to enjoy him while he’s young, and when he’s older too: they’re always great. Of course I knew that, but it was nice that someone finally admitted that older children aren’t a disappointment in contrast to babies. :)

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