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Thursday, June 29th, 2006

We found a house! Actually, I should rephrase: God found us a house.
After Dana told me Kim and Quinn’s house was for sale, I called them to find out how much they were asking. It turns out their house was sold already: they listed privately and it sold in one day. That should give you an idea of how quickly houses are moving in Dalmeny, and how worried we were that we wouldn’t find one. Well, the next day Kim called me and told me that their neighbors have a rental house in town that they were thinking of selling. I called them and we took a look at the house and fell in love. It is so cute! It needs a bit of work, like new flooring (carpet+cat+Clay’s asthma=bad news), but it is in very good shape. We made them an offer, conditional to the sale of our current home, they accepted! So now we just have to sell our house. We listed it last night and are praying our realtor can work the magic he says he can. I’m sure everything will work out.

Tomorrow we are heading off to E-Town for the weekend to see Clay’s family. Markus’ first big road trip! Please pray he’ll travel well.
It’d also be nice if we have a boatload of offers for our house when we get back. One can dream, right?

And Mom and Dad get home on Saturday! Sadly we won’t be here to welcome them home at the airport, but I can’t wait to see them when we get back. I’ve missed them this past month, but I’m very glad they got the chance to go visit the Enns’ in Kenya. Wish I could’ve gone!


Friday, June 16th, 2006

We love our house here in the city, but lately there’s been more hoodlum activity in our neighbourhood. Break-ins, kids yelling in the middle of the night, windows being smashed…. it all adds up to feeling a little insecure. Who wants to be at home alone in the evening (or for a night for that matter) in a place like this? It’s not my first choice. I know we don’t live in an awful area, but it’s not the greatest. Besides, being a small town/country girl makes me uncomfortable with the city no matter how safe it might be.

So Clay and I have been talking, and we think a move is in order. We don’t want to raise our son (and other kids that are sure to follow) in a neighbourhood where we wouldn’t even feel safe to let him go play in the backyard, let alone ride his bike to the store or whatever else by himself. We’re thinking of moving to Dalmeny. It’s weird, growing up there, I just wanted to leave because it was quiet and nothing ever happens. Now that is one of the reasons I want to move back! Plus our church is there.

We’ve thought about finding a new church in the city so we wouldn’t have to drive so far, but every time we think, “maybe we should go church hunting” we’re just not inspired. It’s not very often you find a church as great as the one we’re at. I am amazed at the sense of community and love that I feel at church. It doesn’t make me want to leave, that’s for sure. I would much rather move to a new house than move to a new church.

Our realtor is keeping his eyes open for a house in Dalmeny for us. Please pray for us, that we would know if this is the right move to make, and if so, that we would find the right house for us.