We love our house here in the city, but lately there’s been more hoodlum activity in our neighbourhood. Break-ins, kids yelling in the middle of the night, windows being smashed…. it all adds up to feeling a little insecure. Who wants to be at home alone in the evening (or for a night for that matter) in a place like this? It’s not my first choice. I know we don’t live in an awful area, but it’s not the greatest. Besides, being a small town/country girl makes me uncomfortable with the city no matter how safe it might be.

So Clay and I have been talking, and we think a move is in order. We don’t want to raise our son (and other kids that are sure to follow) in a neighbourhood where we wouldn’t even feel safe to let him go play in the backyard, let alone ride his bike to the store or whatever else by himself. We’re thinking of moving to Dalmeny. It’s weird, growing up there, I just wanted to leave because it was quiet and nothing ever happens. Now that is one of the reasons I want to move back! Plus our church is there.

We’ve thought about finding a new church in the city so we wouldn’t have to drive so far, but every time we think, “maybe we should go church hunting” we’re just not inspired. It’s not very often you find a church as great as the one we’re at. I am amazed at the sense of community and love that I feel at church. It doesn’t make me want to leave, that’s for sure. I would much rather move to a new house than move to a new church.

Our realtor is keeping his eyes open for a house in Dalmeny for us. Please pray for us, that we would know if this is the right move to make, and if so, that we would find the right house for us.

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  1. Dana Says:

    Hey, there’s some on for sale if you look on and There’s some that look decent but we’ve heard bad things about like foundation cracks etc so be careful!They’ve been pretty pricey lately cause they’re selling so fast. We were planning on putting our house up this Spring but decided to wait til next May (or around there) but if you’re interested…
    The house next to Jason and Karina’s new one is for sale :)
    Anyway, totally understand what you guys are feeling. Hope this goes well!
    We really need to hang out!

  2. Kim Says:

    Yeah we’ve been checking both sites: saskhouses’ listings are all out of our price range, and what is in our price range on mls is in bad shape (bad basements, bad floors, etc). Our realtor has his eye on one that is going to be listed soon so we’re probably going to take a look sometime next week. And yes, let’s hang out!

  3. karina Says:

    what would be really cool is if we would be neighbors ! but i don’t know how much that house is selling for…

  4. Dana Says:

    Did you know Kim and Quinn’s house is for sale? I don’t know what they’re asking but it’s a cute little house with a big yard.
    There’s a little bungalow on Wakefield for around 88 I think but don’t even go look at it – we looked at it a few months ago and it has a cracked foundation and needs a whole new basement. They had told us they would sell it for between 50-60 and are now asking 88! Crazy.

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