Childish wisdom

A few weeks ago I was out for a walk with Markus, on our way to visit Clay at work. (If you are imagining us walk all the way from our house to Broadway: STOP. I’m not crazy.) I was walking past Victoria School, which had just let out for the day, when I spotted a girl scrawling something onto the sidewalk with jumbo purple chalk. Expecting a rainbow, a smiley face, or something similar of sidewalk chalk nature, I was taken aback by what I saw.

Live your life
Don’t waste it

It made me wonder: how does a nine-year-old girl come up with something so simple and profound? This girl, who one would expect to be playing hopscotch and dreaming about the horse she longs to own, eating ice cream and playing Bratz (as I’ve learned from my little sisters, Barbie’s days are pretty much over). I kept walking and found the same words at the other end of the school yard. Where did she come upon such sage advice?

I’ve been contemplating her words for weeks now. Are there things I should do, that my heart longs to do, that I am not doing?
How about you?

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