Markus perfected his crawling technique about a week ago, and is going great guns. He zips around the house, getting into everything, pulling on things he shouldn’t, being the mischief we knew he would be. And now, this crazy little seven month old is pulling himself up already! He’s pulling up on the couch. The TV stand. In his crib. This is nuts: I have to watch him like a hawk now because he’s not steady enough for me to trust him with staying up all the time, and he doesn’t know how to get down yet. Putting him down for a nap has become quite a chore, as he’s usually mad about having to nap. He used to just squirm around, but now he can stand up and hang on to the edge of the crib, so I keep having to go back in there to lay him back down. It’s hilarious. Just when you get into a comfortable routine, he develops a new skill and you have to start all over again. Did I mention he’s adopted 6am as his waking hour? Lovely!

(More pictures added recently to the gallery)

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  1. Janelle Says:

    Hey Kim!!! thanks for commenting on my blog! it’s crazy because do you know how i heard about Adie? YOUR BLOG! i saw how much you liked her & went to her myspace & gave her a listen, and now i felt I had to promote her too! so, thanks for the great advice! :)

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