Christmas is over, and I’ve got a secret…

Wow, what a busy week we have had!
Last Saturday, the 23rd, Clay’s family got into town, so we had our Christmas with them that night. Markus was spoiled, as we expected him to be. And of course, he wasn’t too impressed with any gifts, but loved to play with the bows on all the presents. Clay and I were also spoiled: I got the sewing machine I asked for, Clay now has a legal version of Photoshop and we are awaiting the next shipment of Wii’s at Future Shop with great expectation so that we can spend our gift card.
Christmas Eve we headed out to Dalmeny for church, and then spent the remainder of the day at Nanny and Poppa’s (Clay’s Mom’s parents) here in the city. I know everyone claims that their grandma makes the most food in the world, but Nanny really takes the cake. Turkey. Farmer sausage. Cabbage rolls. Plouma (sp?) mouse. Salad. More salad. Veggies. Veggie casseroles. A pot of mashed potatoes the size of my whole body. Bubbat. Buns. Oh, I could go on, but I’m feeling ill again just thinking about it all!! It was a very fun day though.
Christmas Day we had our family Christmas. Clay got me a Keane CD (they are my new fave), Pride and Prejudice (the book and the movie! Love them!), and the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook (I asked for this. Don’t get any ideas about my husband being insensitive: he’s not!). Then we went for breakfast with Clay’s family, then off to Martensville for Bitner Christmas. Does this sound like a big affair? It is. We took over Henry’s Restaurant for the day. There were two TVs with vidjees set up for the kids (by kids I mean basically 25 and under). A room for the babies to sleep (Thank you Auntie Roxy, that was a lifesaver), and a room for everyone to sit around and chat. I wonder if Pa and Dougy ever settled the argument of who had the mouse run up the inside of their pants? Oh well. All was well at the end of the day, when Kendall fittingly “ruined Christmas” yet again. Way to go Mo.
Boxing Day was spent with my family at my brother Kel’s house in Martensville. More fantastic food. This day was very relaxing though, as anytime my family gets together, it just feels like a lazy Sunday afternoon. I love that. More gifts, more spoils. Markus left with a payload.
The 27th was a bit of a breathing day, I guess. But we were still busy with Clay’s family and ate more food at Nanny and Poppa’s because of course there are mountains of leftovers still from Christmas Eve.
Yesterday was our last family gathering: my Mom’s side of the family was all in Warman. I’ll be honest, I never expect to have a very good time at this get-together because I don’t really know my cousins at all. It was good though. I have to say I had a much better time than I was expecting to.

All these family gatherings have been fun, and not as draining as I expected. (If you haven’t figured it out, I’m not a people person. People don’t recharge my batteries at ALL). My surprise has been leaking out for the past few days, so I suppose it is time to go public with the news.
I’m pregnant! Praise the Lord, we are expecting another baby! Let me tell you, this was not planned, and yes, we were surprised! But what a fantastic surprise. What’s even more exciting is that my sister Jude is also pregnant, and we are due only 3 days apart. It’s so cool!

I wish you all a few days of recharging your batteries. My boy is awake: must go!

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  1. karina Says:

    another bit of cuteness! congratulations to you :) and merry christmas. sounds like the same food i ate at christmas…hmmm. down to the bobbat and everything.

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