Little bit of a scare

The following is an excerpt from an email to my sister. I wrote it out once and there’s no point in writing it again in a few different words.

Every once in a while, for years already, I get a sharp pain in my chest when I breathe: breathing deeply makes it even worse. It usually goes away after about 5 minutes, but on Saturday it had been an hour and a half already and still hurting, so I decided to call this HealthLine that SaskHealth has. You can talk to a nurse about your symptoms and she can guide you as to what you should do. Well when she found out I had chest pain and was pregnant, she said, “Ok, you need to hang up the phone and call EMS.” I asked if I could just get Clay to drive me to the hospital (an ambulance seemed a little dramatic for my taste), and she said she’d rather I call EMS but it would be ok for Clay to drive me. But if it got worse, to pull over and call 911. Well, that’s a little scary to hear. I said ok and hung up. This was after 9 pm, so Markus was in bed already, so we had to find someone to come stay at the house with him because I was not about to drag him to the ER until all hours of the night. Mom and Dad weren’t home, so I called my friend Janelle and she zipped over to our house. Off to St. Paul’s hospital we went. They actually got me in quite quickly, but we still did a lot of waiting for a nurse and for tests to be done and blood to be annalyzed. They thought I might have a blood clot in my lung. Thankfully that came back negative. In the end, the doctor told me that there is some cartilage between my ribs and breastbone, and that is inflamed, resulting in the stabbing pain when I breathe. She said it’s probably going to bother me off and on during the rest of my pregnancy. Oh joy. But what a relief that it was nothing serious. We finally got home at 1:30, and fell into bed shortly thereafter. Well, I fell very gently, as I still could not breath without it hurting. Sunday morning I woke up with it still there, but it disappeared on the way to church and hasn’t come back since. How thankful I am.

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