The Great Grocery Saga

Clay and I love to go grocery shopping. There is something so therapeutic to both of us about perusing the aisles of food. Sweet memories of “Oh, I remember eating that when I was younger,” and dreams of how good something might be. Basically since we got married we’ve done our grocery shopping at Sobeys. Ah Sobeys, the king of all grocery stores. At times though, we pay more for stuff there than we would somewhere else. Well as I was flyer shopping on the weekend, I thought we should maybe try shopping at Extra Foods–> basically the same prices as Superstore, without being as annoying to shop at as Superstore. (That’s the Real Canadian Superstore for you Jude). Superstore just drives me crazy: it is so huge, and if you missed one item you needed, you have to walk almost all the aisles again to find what you were looking for, adding 15 minutes to your trip. And that’s if you only missed one item. Plus you have to pay for your bags. How lame is that?? And the produce section almost always smells like an overweight man’s B.O. Frankly, I’m not too keen on eating food that came from a room wreaking of B.O.

Well, off to Extra Foods we went. In summary, it sucked, but here’s why. The layout of the store makes absolutely no sense. It definitely wasn’t a marketing genius that designed that store. Seriously, why would you have juice and Chef Boy-R-Dee in the same aisle? Why isn’t the Stove-Top Stuffing mix in the same aisle as the Shake-N-Bake? Why is the cheese and milk off in no man’s land with the blender’s and coffeemakers? On to the bakery section. Rediculously priced gross bread, rediculously priced good bread. Produce? Green peppers that looked more like brown peppers, and same story with the tomatoes. Ew. And where’s the POM Wonderful juice and tea? Wahhh. And the biggest disappointment of all? Deli. Prepackaged meats and cheeses. I’m sorry, but what if I don’t want half a kilo of meat or cheese? What if I just want a couple hundred grams? “Suck it up, pay the extra money and get the EXTRA FOOD you don’t want.” Oh, and one more thing I hate: why do I have to buy a certain amount of food to get the lower price? I’m just getting Extra Food that I don’t really want. And why should I be penalized for buying more of an item? (First 4 cost 1.27 each, after first 4, 1.87) Seriously, who ever heard of trying to discourage a customer from buying more? Plus, we didn’t even save any money compared to what we pay at Sobeys: I think we actually paid more, and that’s with the 15% off coupon we had. I hate Extra Foods.

Next time we are going back to Sobeys. Ahhh Sobeys, the king of all grocery stores. Where the aisles make sense, the Danimals yogurt is cheaper (read it, I said cheaper) than Superstore or Extra Foods, the deli is graced with actual people who will slice your meat and let you sample whatever you want. Where you can get whatever amount of cheese and meat you want. Where the bread tastes like homemade and is cheaper than Wonder. Where the produce smells and looks good, and your groceries get packed for you and taken out to your car if your little heart desires. All for the same price (or less) than I would pay at Extra Foods.

Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. On my way to where the air is sweeeeet. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sobeys? How to get to Sobeys.

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