My Perfect Pair of Round Toed Heels

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I’m not the kind of person to spend a lot of time on how I look. I guess I somewhat pride myself on not being “high maintenance”. You know the type: the girl who looks like she spent two hours in front of the mirror primping and applying make-up, making sure her hair is perfect, and that her outfit is killer. And her shoes? Gotta have killer shoes. I’m all for looking good, but I won’t sacrifice more than one millionth of my day to achieve that look.

Well I’m still not keen on spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, but one thing I’m starting to think might not be such a waste of time is those killer shoes. You know me, I wear skate shoes 98% of the time, Holey Soles 1% of the time, and barefeet/sandals/dressier shoes 1% of the time. But I was at Winners last week and saw the most incredible shoes there. They were blue, and they had a heel. A HEEL! Sadly I didn’t buy them because they didn’t have my size, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been dreaming of them. Oh for the day that I shall find my perfect pair of round toed heels.

And I’m not just thinking about shoes. Dresses. That’s right, dresses. I think that something about this pregancy is causing a paradigm shift in my brain. I guess I am starting to think that if I am soon to have two kids, I better start looking the part of a grown up woman. Truly I think that when people see me walking the mall with Markus, they must think I’m a single teenage mother. I make very sure to have my wedding ring visible at all times, but whether people see it or not I don’t know. But I look the part of a high school/college student. Casual comfortable.

Well world, I’m ready for chic and sophisticated….but I still want to be comfortable. Stacy and Clinton, can I do that?

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