Last night I went to my first concert in I don’t know how long. What was the last show I was at? TFK/Newsboys? If that was it, then that was probably five years ago. Surely I’ve been to something since then (besides Stereotrap shows) but I seriously can’t remember anything. And I don’t even get high at concerts: how can I not remember this?
At any rate, last night was a great way to end the lack of music in my life: Copeland and Switchfoot put on a fantastic show!


Copeland opened the night, and I was not expecting much. I’m used to opening acts being a serious bore, sounding like a poor imitation of whatever style is popular at any given moment in time. You know it’s true: most bands trying to hit it big are just sad souls trying to sound like their favourite bands and failing miserably at it. Not expecting much, having never heard of this band before and seeing how greasy the lead singer’s hair was (though I suppose I shouldn’t fault him for that: it must be hard to shower on the road? hah, I don’t think that’s an excuse), I was incredibly, pleasantly, fantastically surprised. Looking like a Weezer bandmate and sounding like anything but, his voice was shall I say, music to my ears. So smooth, so on key, perfect tone, and his falsetto was out of this world. Anything these guys might have lacked in sweet moves and rediculous, over-the-top stage antics was replaced with true talent. They didn’t need to do anything showy because their sound said it all: these guys are the real deal. On the flip side, their CDs are a little disappointing after seeing them in concert because they seem to lack the energy and bigness of a live show, but I suppose you could say that of anyone.


Switchfoot. What can I say? I’ve been listening to these boys since someone gave me their Legend of Chin album. My goodness, that was released 10 years ago! With Chem 6A as my anthem to survive high school (“I don’t wanna be here, I don’t wanna study now…” I couldn’t have said it better myself!), I have followed them from the beginning. They lost me for a little bit with the release of Learning to Breathe….I just couldn’t get into anything past the first 3 songs. I think the movie A Walk To Remember turned me off of them a little bit: that show just made them a little too …..Mandy Moore-ish, for lack of a better explanation. Alas, Clay got me listening again, and I’m thrilled. This show was everything I expected a Switchfoot experience to be: fun, fun, fun, fun. Jon is so good at interacting with the crowd. They played nearly every popular song they’ve had from their last 4 albums: my only complaint is that they didn’t play anything from the first two. I digress: Only Hope was played, but is a little too Mandy Moore-ish for my taste. I would have loved to hear Life And Love And Why, Underwater or Under The Floor. A small complaint though, in light of how great this concert was. Highlights would be them opening with Stars, The Shadow Proves The Sunshine (I don’t think I could love that song any more), The Blues, Faust Midas and Myself, and of course This Is Your Life. That song makes me cry nearly every time I hear it, and hearing it live definitely didn’t let me escape without some tears shed. What an awesome, incredible, unforgettable night. If you ever get a chance to see these boys, grab it! I love the way they write music: their lyrics are such a smart commentary on the world today, without being offensive and rude like so much music out there trying to make a point.

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