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The Horror

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

“Hi, my name is Kimberly Bitner, and I have a Facebook account.”
I suppose the first step is admitting, right? Well I did it, I caved. I got a Facebook account. But allow me to defend myself by saying that it doesn’t seem nearly as lame as myspace, ok? I don’t know, it just seems way less emo or something. It’s sorta cool because I’m finding all these people that I haven’t heard anything about since high school, and it’s fun to find out what they are doing now. Anyway, I’m making excuses for hopping on a fad wagon when I am the anti fad wagon queen. I suppose there is a time for everything, right?

Birthday Madness

Saturday, March 24th, 2007

There is a new album in our gallery full of pictures of last week’s birthday man. Check them out!

The Customer Is Always Wrong

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

When I was in high school I had the glamourous job of working at a fast food joint: you might remember me as the infamous Burger Kim, star employee at Burger King. The one point that my training really hammered into me was, “The Customer is Always Right”. Basically, it doesn’t matter if they said one thing two minutes ago: if they are asking for something different now, they’re right and you need to do what they ask. Keep them happy. Aside from working with a bunch of losers (I’m being kind here, believe me *cough* BROCK….) I really enjoyed working there. I know that for many it’s just a Whopper J with cheese and coke, but to me it was fun. If I could make someone’s day a little better by listening to them, getting their order right (or making it right if someone else screwed it up), and doing it with a smile, my job had been done. And it felt good. Something as small as, “here’s a free package of Cini-Minis since your order took so long” went a long way to soothe an angry person waiting five extra minutes in the drive-thru. Or how about re-making someone’s burger if it wasn’t made correctly, instead of just trying to wipe off the excess gallon of mustard (hello genius at Wendy’s…).

What I’m trying to get at here is that when you work in the service industry, it’s imperative that you listen to your customer and give them what they want.

Do you know what I’m sick of? People not listening to me and giving me what I want! Okay, so what is with the clothing store that has a return policy of, “No returns, exchanges or store credit only on unworn and unwashed items within 10 days.” No refunds? 10 DAYS?? But what if that tank top you promised was a miracle worker and wouldn’t ride up over my big pregnant belly does ride up? Tough luck. Or what’s with the shoe store that won’t let me exchange a pair of shoes I bought a month ago (unworn, and the shoe is still in stock) for a different style of shoe? I tried to explain to the salesgirl, “You still stock the shoe, I’m going to pay extra for the shoes I want to exchange for, so why can’t you do the exchange?” Well I’m over the 15 day exchange period, so she’d get in trouble if she did it. “But you still stock the shoe and I’m willing to pay MORE.” She hears what I’m saying, but she’d get in trouble so she can’t. Obviously she doesn’t hear what I’m saying, otherwise she’d realize she’s being a complete goofball.

Honestly. Is it so much to expect that someone would want to make your experience as a customer a good one? Don’t they want you to come back? To recommend them to other people? Is it so much to expect that I be handed my coffee and donut with a smile if they have the nerve to say, “Have a nice day” to me?

“Have a nice day” *scowl*. Oh that’s right, The Customer Is Always Wrong.

The Birthday Boy

Thursday, March 15th, 2007


Last Sled Ride of the Season

Friday, March 9th, 2007

Well it appears that the spring melt is upon us, so yesterday was probably our last sled outing of the season. It’s been fun little man! (Everyone be proud of me: I Photoshop-ed this all by myself!!)

I Don’t Mean “Ha Ha”

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Isn’t it funny how you lose touch with people? And I guess by funny I don’t mean “ha ha” I mean it’s sad. For real, I spent all of high school trying to find good friends, and by the end of it I did, but then we just seemed to drift apart. (I’m now related to one of my old high school pals, yet we never ever talk. Funny…..sad.) So then I went on SoD and made at least one really good friend, but we too drifted apart. (I think the fact that I’m from Saskatchewan, and LIKE it, predestined me to be a bit of an outcast with the SoD crew. Even though I’m right in the middle of every road trip from Manitoba to the apparent promised land of BC where half of SoD has moved, no one stops in for a visit. It’s sad, and by sad I mean sad, not funny.) I go to an awesome church, but one of its problems is that there are maybe two couples around our age: funny……er, sad. Although there are times I do crave girl time, I am thankfully married to my best friend, and he’s everything I need. (Aside from a fun evening of painting toenails every now and then: not only would he not let me paint his toenails, he’s nallergic).

Come Soon Spring!

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

I can’t wait until spring arrives. I love the serene beauty of the whiteness of winter, but as the season wears on, the joy of the winter wonderland lessens as the grossness of brown everywhere increases. I’m thankful that the sand makes the streets safer (very thankful! It’s treacherous enough out there with all the crazy drivers: I hate to imagine it without sand), but boy does it make the city look disgusting. The only reprieve is the morning after a snowfall when the sanding crews haven’t been out yet. And the next door dog’s yellow snow shrine is under a thin sheet of grace. Then the filthy cars get out on the streets and the sand gets thrown (and the dog goes out) and we find ourselves back in a big mess. Not to mention that the snow is getting to be so plentiful that it is a major job to maneuver through the side streets.

Come soon spring! Come melt the snowbank in our front yard that I’m positive is taller than me at this point. Come wash away all the sand. Come make this dreary brown and white city beautiful again with your blossoming flowers and budding grass and trees. Come soon!