Come Soon Spring!

I can’t wait until spring arrives. I love the serene beauty of the whiteness of winter, but as the season wears on, the joy of the winter wonderland lessens as the grossness of brown everywhere increases. I’m thankful that the sand makes the streets safer (very thankful! It’s treacherous enough out there with all the crazy drivers: I hate to imagine it without sand), but boy does it make the city look disgusting. The only reprieve is the morning after a snowfall when the sanding crews haven’t been out yet. And the next door dog’s yellow snow shrine is under a thin sheet of grace. Then the filthy cars get out on the streets and the sand gets thrown (and the dog goes out) and we find ourselves back in a big mess. Not to mention that the snow is getting to be so plentiful that it is a major job to maneuver through the side streets.

Come soon spring! Come melt the snowbank in our front yard that I’m positive is taller than me at this point. Come wash away all the sand. Come make this dreary brown and white city beautiful again with your blossoming flowers and budding grass and trees. Come soon!

4 Responses to “Come Soon Spring!”

  1. karina Says:

    hip hip hooray for spring (and summer…)! i love it. i am dreaming of mowing the lawn and flowers in my new garden. lilacs… aah. did i mention that i love it?

  2. ker Says:

    well, kimbo…i guess i’ll have to finally comment. i just came across this lovely little blog of yours & geez, it’s been a long time. i can’t believe you have a beautiful little boy & another on the way, wow!! life is good here, i’m in school for jewellery design in vancouver & we’re enjoying marriage very much. i’d love to say more but this is a very public place so email me…

    much love,
    ~kerianne taves.

  3. Steph Anderson Says:

    True enough kim. Im pretty dang sick of winter. expecially yucky winter. but im leaving in a month so its totally ok.
    springs totally the worst season though because it gets even more dirty. so id be wishing for summer personally. haha

  4. Kim Says:

    Good point Steph: I just don’t like how hot summer gets. But you’re right, spring is really dirty.
    Uh….come soon autumn!!!!

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