Socially Awkward

Is it just my perception or is nearly every single person that works at a library incredibly awkward? Honestly, pretty much every time I go to take something out of the library I am met (I dare not say greeted) by someone who rarely has the nerve to maintain eye contact with me. It’s very puzzling. I’m being careful not to generalize and say that ALL have no people skills, as I’m sure there are a few individuals out there enjoying the world of books and people, but I have yet to have a notable experience with such an individual. I would imagine that Dana is friendly and engaging when she’s at work at the library, but I haven’t ever been to her library, so I can’t confirm this suspicion. For all I know, Dana gets scared of people when she’s on the clock :)
I’m not saying I think ill of any of these socially awkward book lovers, I just think it’s a little sad that they find books more comforting than human interaction.

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