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Friday, May 25th, 2007

Seeing as it drives me crazy when people wait forever between blog posts, I feel I better post something. Here are a few things that should catch you up on my life:

My body hu-u-u-urts. My hips are so loose (thanks to pregnancy hormones) and my back and shoulders are so tense. I’m trying not to wish these next two months away too quickly though, because I know from experience that as much as it is uncomfortable to carry a baby around inside, they are MUCH more work once they come out!

Our house is officially sold! Conditions were removed last week and the sold sign is standing proudly. What a great feeling.

My emotions are playing horrible games right now. Our trip to Edmonton was not an easy one for me, as Markus didn’t want to nap properly, got a cold and was somewhat miserable as a result of that, and ate like a bird all weekend. So on top of him not following the regular “routine” I had to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of feeling like a failure of a mother. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. All I know is it was a very hard weekend and I’m sure I was not very fun to be around. I apologize.

My munchkin just woke up from his nap: time to go rustle up some grub for lunch!

Who Recycles?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Two years ago, Clay and I gave a friend a ride home from Edmonton. We had borrowed my parents’ car for the trip, since we didn’t have a reliable source of transportation at the time (RIP The Colt) and were filling the tank with diesel before we returned it to them. Being a fantastic daughter, I was cleaning all the garbage out of the car while Clay filled the tank, and this friend, who shall remain nameless, passed me his pop bottle to throw out. I said, “Leave that in here, my mom will recycle it”. I’m not kidding, he laughed: “haha, recycle!”

What planet are you from if you don’t get the concept of recycling? Until that moment I thought everyone and their dog knew that recycling is the responsible and right thing to do. It just drives me crazy when I see people throw cans and bottles in the garbage. I grit my teeth, and if no one’s watching, I go pull that ten or twenty cent piece of “junk” out of the trash.

I grew up “picking bottles” in the spring: Dad would drive the truck down the grid roads and Steve and I would perch in the truck box with our eagle eyes searching out bottles in the ditches. We would later go to SARCAN with our bounty and walk out with our pockets jingling. I’m sure the amount Dad spent on gas far outweighed what profit we made, but it made me:
a)recognize that littering is not acceptable: we need to take care of the environment
b)realize you can turn “junk” into money by recycling bottles and cans
c)appreciate the fact that I worked hard for the money I used to buy the bag full of candy I enjoyed after a long dirty day

Not only did I grow up recycling things that were profitable, I learned to recycle things that wouldn’t make me any money. Glass gars. Tin cans. Paper. Egg cartons. Plastic bags. My family is not a bunch of tree-huggers, we simply do what we can to reduce the amount of garbage we add to the earth. I thought everyone did this.

How about you?
Do you recycle? Why or why not?

What A Whirlwind!

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

As some of you may remember, we tried selling our house in the city in an attempt to move to Dalmeny last summer, with the end result being that we lost the house in Dalmeny because we couldn’t find a buyer for our home.

Fast forward one year, and the real estate market is BOOMING. We found a place in Dalmeny, a mobile home on a massive lot, and bought it with the intention of building a house on the lot and getting rid of the trailer. So all that remained was the need for us to sell our house. Most of me was confident it would sell fast, but a small part nagged at me, thinking, “What if we have a repeat of last year?”. Obviously I need not have worried.

We listed on Thursday, had showings all day yesterday, and entertained offers yesterday evening at 7. I was in complete shock at what our realtor thought we could list our house for (since we listed at $40,000 higher than our asking price last year), and I’m in even more shock at the final offer we accepted. We entertained offers about our list price. I can’t believe it! We just have to wait a week for the buyer to have her mortgage finalized and the deal will be done.

We knew God must have had a reason for keeping us from moving last summer, but this is just incredible. Now we’ll not only be able to move where we wanted to, but we’re going to be able to build a brand new house! Unbelievable! Thank you Lord.