Seeing as it drives me crazy when people wait forever between blog posts, I feel I better post something. Here are a few things that should catch you up on my life:

My body hu-u-u-urts. My hips are so loose (thanks to pregnancy hormones) and my back and shoulders are so tense. I’m trying not to wish these next two months away too quickly though, because I know from experience that as much as it is uncomfortable to carry a baby around inside, they are MUCH more work once they come out!

Our house is officially sold! Conditions were removed last week and the sold sign is standing proudly. What a great feeling.

My emotions are playing horrible games right now. Our trip to Edmonton was not an easy one for me, as Markus didn’t want to nap properly, got a cold and was somewhat miserable as a result of that, and ate like a bird all weekend. So on top of him not following the regular “routine” I had to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of feeling like a failure of a mother. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. All I know is it was a very hard weekend and I’m sure I was not very fun to be around. I apologize.

My munchkin just woke up from his nap: time to go rustle up some grub for lunch!

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