An Official Pregnancy Craving

We’ve all heard the urban legend of pregnant women craving pickles and ice cream. Let me assure you, people ask you, “So have you had any weird cravings?” a lot when you’re pregnant. I think the whole craving thing gets a lot more hype than it deserves. I wonder if the women who do crave weird things do so because they are expected to crave bizarre foods. I like food, but I always like food. I just eat more junk when I’m pregnant than when I’m not because I’m allowed, nay, supposed to gain weight. I will use that as license to eat more chocolate and ice cream any day! I know, I know, I’m supposed to gain weight eating healthy stuff, and I do eat healthy stuff…..but I also eat junk. (And on the question of pickles and ice cream, no, I’ve never craved it. I tried it once to get Clay to leave me alone, and let me tell you there was nothing special about it!)

So, as per the title of this post, I had a real craving on Saturday night. There was nothing bizarre about what I wanted, but it was almost midnight, and I should have been going to sleep. The lights were off and we were laying there trying to fall asleep when I was hit with the hunger truck. Hard. I needed a sandwich, badly. But not a sub. No sir, a sandwich from Subway would not have cut it. I needed something on bread, not a sub bun. I figured the only place I could get such a thing at such an hour would probably be 7-Eleven, but after further deliberation, realized a Ham and Swiss on a croissant, without the ranch sauce and with mayo added, from Tim Horton’s was exactly what I needed. Clay offered to go get it for me, but what kills me about all classic pregnancy craving stories is that the women almost always make their husband get out of bed in the middle of the night to run around trying to find the much needed snack. Contrary to popular belief, being pregnant does not make me incapable of everything, least of all driving 5 minutes to a donut shop. I insisted it was my craving, so I would go. So I threw a bunnyhug over my pj’s and drove over to the Timmy’s drive-thru, came home, and ate my precious sandwich. Let me tell you, it was divine.

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