(Not) Worth Switching Supermarkets For

Is anyone else annoyed with The Real Canadian Superstore’s new ad campaign? For months now I have seen these ads and every time one ends I think, “I’m so irritated…I should blog about how I hate these ads and this store.” haha! So here goes.

“Hi, I’m Galen Weston.” I’m sorry, who? Is that name supposed to mean something to me? If so, I guess I’m in the dark because I don’t have a clue who this guy is supposed to be. Upon Googleing his name I find he is the multi-gabillionaire owner of Loblaws (parent company of Superstore). Or something like that….don’t quote me. Anyway, it annoys me that the commercial makes no mention of his role in the company. For all I know he is a fledgling tennis player hoping to boost his career by endorsing reusable grocery bags and eco-friendly laundry detergent. Which is fine, as long as they would tell us that. (Me vs. Weston: 40-Love. Match point…)

And of course, the thing that annoys me the most about the commercials, as you can guess from the title if this post, is the ridiculous claim that a “greener” bag, detergent, and other President’s Choice products make it worth my while to switch supermarkets. Are you kidding me?

An Ode To The Real Canadian Superstore.
Where else do you have to pay to use a shopping cart? (ok, Safeway, I’ll give you that one)
Where else does the produce department smell like a mens’ locker room?
Where else do you have to wander aimlessly down aisle after aisle looking for shelled sunflower seeds (or whatever you might seek) because there is no one around to ask for help, and when you find someone, they of course have no clue,
endure glares from cashiers for making them ring in your purchases,
bag your own groceries,
pay for grocery bags if you didn’t bring your own!

I’ll admit this place is good for some things. They’ve got some great furniture, housewares, clothes, and some foods you just can’t get anywhere else. But when I just need food, I never go to Superstore. It may cost me a few dollars extra, but I take my business elsewhere in the interest of saving my sanity and being treated like a human being. And wonder of all wonders, I actually look forward to going grocery shopping. It’s amazing what a free cart, clean store, friendly cashiers and someone to bring my bags to my car while I juggle two small boys does for my day. Thank you Sobeys.

And just so you all know that not every commercial on TV makes my blood boil, there are commercials that are brilliant and make me laugh. They don’t necessarily make me want to buy what they’re selling, but they’re clever, and I give them props for that.

Gold Star – Brilliant!: KFC Boneless Wings (The guy doing a cheer and dance for the wings, “They SAUCY!”)
Degree Anti-Perspirant (The guys applying goopy gel APs: so gross but SO funny)
Toyota Truck (The wimpy guys who get “tougher” the moment they climb in)

See everyone, I do have a sense of humor :)

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  1. Becky Says:

    I totally agree with this post! Here is a tip though, while I hate shopping at superstore (especially with the kids) I found the exta foods has the same selection but they are friendlier there and pack your bags and will even help you take them to your car! We always went to the one on the north end of Saskatoon when we lived north of the city. It was on the corner of warman road and 51st.

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