Alternate Reality Dwellers

Spring is upon us and I’m itching for a few new things to wear. Thanks to The Tax Man (thank you Corner Gas for introducing us to the man himself) we have a little extra spending money right now so Clay gave me his blessing to go shopping. NICE! I really want to go to the Gap but shopping at Midtown with two little munchkins and no hubby around to help is a bit daunting so I thought I’d just go to Superstore with the boys today to check out the Joe clothes. Last season they looked pretty atrocious on the whole, but at first glance the spring clothes looked like there could be some cute finds hidden within.

I was wrong.

Capris? Just a weird fit, and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here since I’m short and things like this don’t usually fit me right.
Skirt? Uh….no. I wish I had pictures to show you but none of the things I tried on are on the Joe site.
Dress? No shape.
Shirt? In what universe is a floral printed flour sack flattering?

Perhaps in the alternate reality of “high fashion” and walking the catwalk these things are considered fashionable. To me they just look plain ridiculous. I’m actually glad I didn’t find anything I liked though, since the quality of the Joe clothes leaves something to be desired. What nice things I’ve gotten from there in the past always wear out WAY too quickly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I have better luck at the Gap.

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