Stopping to Smell the Roses

Life’s greatest joys are often not found in a few big moments, but in the small, everyday moments. Things that could easily pass us by, but if we take time to recognize them, can fill our lives with so much more joy. Here are some of my little everyday things that light up my life.

Waking up next to my wonderful husband.
Baby kisses.
A steaming cup of tea in a big mug with a white inside, so I can see the beautiful colour of my tea.
Fairly traded dark chocolate.
Falling snow.
A heart to heart with my dog Tia. (A sweet memory to me now)
Baking apple pie, and of course eating it.
Watching the stars.
Freshly picked strawberries.
Starbucks dates with Clay. (Not an everyday occurance, but sweet nontheless)
Watching “Whee-o of Dune” with Markus. (Read: Wheel of Fortune :)
Grocery shopping at Sobeys.
Walking in the rain.
Listening to Coldplay or U2.
A long, hot, uninterrupted bath. (Haha, definitely doesn’t happen everyday!)
Going for walks with Markus and Wyatt.
Dreaming about how I will decorate my dream house.
An overflowing bookcase.
Pens. Markers. Crayons.
A real letter or card in the mail.
Markus singing.
Wyatt’s delight in his big brother.

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