Monday mornings are special lately because I get to go to swimming lessons with Wyatt. He gets a lot of love, but since he’s the second baby to make an entry into this family I’m sure he doesn’t get as much attention as Markus did. So swimming lessons are a little slice of life dedicated to one-on-one time with little Wyatt. We had a ton of fun in the pool but when it came time to get ready to go the fun ended. I had Wyatt on the bench in the the change room. He was all dressed and ready to go, I just needed to change. He’s really sturdy sitting up already, so I kept an eye on him while I got dressed. In a split second I saw him leaning too far forward and in what seemed like slow motion he tipped forward off the bench and onto the floor. My heart SANK as I saw disaster unfolding and was unable to move fast enough. I scooped him up as he started wailing and tried my best to console him, meanwhile praying like crazy that no permanent damage had been done to his tiny little head. As his cry lessened I became more aware of the other moms in the room and was sure they were all thinking about what an awful mother I must be to allow something like this to happen. When he was finally calm enough to set down I quickly finished getting dressed and booked it out of there. I overheard two moms on my way out, saying,
“Poor little guy…”
“Yeah, but you know what? That could happen to anyone.”

Thank you for extending grace to me, mother who I don’t know. I hope the others felt the same way and that I can keep reminding myself of the fact that it was an accident and that I’m not the world’s worst mom.

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