A wave of babies…

Everyone is having babies! My sister had a baby last month, my sister-in-law is expecting in September. And I know of eight other women who are pregnant right now. Eight! WOW! Clay and I know that we want to have more kids but thought we’d wait a little while longer before our next baby. With all these expectant women around me though, I am beginning to wonder what we’re waiting for! And it is so nice to be able to share the experience of pregnancy with someone who can relate firsthand. We’d have to hurry up though if I wanted to be pregnant with this wave of women ;) haha
Though the days can be difficult as they are filled with mountains of laundry, sinks full of dishes, mouths to feed, hands and faces to wipe, rebellion to be corrected, diapers to change, trips to the potty, floors to be swept and vacuumed, meals to cook…. I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything. Anything! Not for a career, not for traveling the world, not for furthering my “education” (as if I don’t have a steep learning curve right now!!)… there is nothing more exciting, intriguing, or rewarding than what I am doing right now. And if I feel blessed to be doing this with two little ones, how much more with three? :)

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  1. Jude - mother of Anna & Chloe Says:

    NICE! Kim, I love this post. God has given you a unique gift to be able to see these early years of motherhood the way you do. So beautiful and inspiring for your OLD sister who is still fully on board with having more children as well. The bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord. Heap on the blessings Lord!
    By the by, you look STUNNING with your new hair.

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