The big news

Well the biggest news in our house, that I’m sure most of you have already heard one way or another, is that we are expecting another munchkin. I’m due due at the end of June with baby number three and we are sooooo excited! I’m 10 weeks right now and have been so exhausted, but as with any pregnancy symptom I am trying to just be thankful for the tiredness because I know it means my body is working hard to provide for the new life inside me. It’s easier to say I’m thankful for exhaustion than it is to say I’m thankful for feeling nauseous all day long. I can’t say I’m all that thankful for that. I AM thankful for Diclectin because I can’t even imagine how gross I’d feel if I didn’t have that miracle drug. I was sick all 9 months with Wyatt but didn’t notice unless I forgot to take my pills, but this baby seems to be even more unkind ;) So food has been my greatest enemy these days, and we’ve been eating a lot of “food” cooked by teenagers and handed to us through a window just because I can’t stand the thought and sight of cooking food. Every time I’m pregnant we have a few months of grocery bills that are through the roof because I just can’t cook properly and we pay through the nose for convenience junk. I can’t stand the smell of food cooking in the house. Ginger Ale, Lunchables, apples, chips, popsicles, SweetTarts, and Honey Nut Cheerios have all been pretty faithful friends so far.

Our house has been for sale for two months and we have not had a single person come take a look, which is a little frustrating I suppose, but I’m really not worried. I know that nothing is selling right now and you can’t rush a slow market. It’ll sell when it sells and that’s good enough for me. I tried really hard for about the first two weeks to keep the house clean just in case someone came to look but now it looks like a war zone thanks to the boys being master mess makers and me being too tired to keep up with them. Oh well, when the day finally comes that we have a looker I’ll hopefully find a burst of energy to whip it into shape. I’m still optimistic about us selling eventually, and that we’ll be able to move back to Saskatoon. We’re excited about what could be in store for us there.

My mom and dad are leaving us for three months this winter to go camping in Texas. I don’t know what we’re going to do without them but they will be greatly missed and I do hope they have a good time….just not good enough that it makes them want to leave us every winter!

I’m all out of blogging energy. Until next time…

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