I never…eat the red ones last.

I am… a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, maybe foe, student, teacher, and a major homebody.

I want… a good espresso machine.

I have… been richly blessed. I’m in awe of the fact that I’m not yet 25 and we are debt free.

I wish… our house would sell so we could move back to Saskatoon.

I know… God has everything under control and I’m trusting his plan and timing.

I hate… the politically correct “holiday season”. It’s CHRISTMAS and it’s about JESUS.

I search… for everything these days since my brain went AWOL.

I always… need to have the dishes washed before I can go to bed.

I usually…wait for movies to come out on DVD before I watch them. I think I’ve been to the theatre twice in the past two and a half years.

I am not… able to walk past Starbucks without walking in and buying something delicious.

I miss… the people and places of South Africa.

I love… Jesus.

I never… eat the red ones last.

I rarely… text.

I cry… when I’m sad, happy, frustrated, overwhelmed. Usually any cry except a depressed one makes you feel better and I’m thankful to not have had one of those in a long time.

I lose… sometimes. And I’m okay with that now.

I am confused… about nothing in particular.

I worry… sometimes, about being a good mom.

I dream… of traveling the world with Clay someday.

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