I usually love coffee but for at least the past month I could barely stand the smell of it long enough to make a pot for Clay in the morning. The thought of actually drinking any was…well, let’s just say it was not appealing! I could drink fussy drinks (like a half decaf, half sweet, extra hot, peppermint white mocha from Starbucks – my signature drink!) because it was more about sugar than it was about coffee. But this morning, as I put a pot on for my love to take to work it just smelled so good that I thought I had to give it a try. Mmm, so glad I did. I’m back in the saddle. Woohoo! (this is not a recent pic, my hair’s much different now but not looking good enough to take a picture at the moment!)

p.s. Sorry to anyone who’s been trying to leave comments and haven’t had it work for you. I don’t know what the issue is but I’ll have hubby look into it again and see what we can do.

2 Responses to “Coffee….mmmm…..coffeeeeee…….”

  1. karina Says:

    mmm, your signature drink sounds good :)

  2. karina Says:

    and my comment worked! yay!

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