For the holidays, you can’t beat home sweet home!

A few shots of what makes my home cozy at Christmas…

Markus decorating the tree.

Wyatt handing out ornaments.

Me trimming the tree.

Robert Goulet Christmas. We bought this CD as a joke and now we listen to it every year as we decorate the tree :)

Beautiful ornaments, I love, love, love those stars (from TTV :).


The top of my piano.


One of my beautiful nativities from Ten Thousand Villages, made in Peru. It just seems is peaceful and serene to me.


Another TTV nativity, this one from Cameroon. We got this as a wedding gift from my siblings and I love the shape of the figures and the fact that it is just so non-traditional and a taste of Africa, a place I would love to go back to someday.


The candleholder I mentioned in my previous post, got this as a gift from my friend Janelle a few Christmases ago and absolutely love it. (TTV! Can you tell I love that store?)


Another shot of my candle tree.

Last but not least, the pointsettia my dear hubby brought home for me the other day :)

2 Responses to “For the holidays, you can’t beat home sweet home!”

  1. karina Says:

    i love those stars from ttv. i think i have to go there one of these days myself :)

  2. Becky Says:

    Beautiful:) I love ttv. It is one store that my husband and I both enjoy. He also knows he can buy almost anything from there for me as a gift and it will be a NONDOGHOUSE gift!

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