It’s COLD!!

I know I should not be surprised that winter is cold when I live where I do – and I guess I’m really not surprised but somehow it always takes me aback when the first cold snap hits. It really is delightful though, to sit inside my warm house, look out my frosty windows to the snow covered yard and streets, drink my mocha, and revel in the silence that is naptime as my favourite candleholder glows next to me. (I’ll be sure to post a picture of it soon, it’s too awesome not to share it with you). I am so thankful today for electricity and a furnace that keeps my family and I warm, as we dealt with another power outage last night in -30 degree temperatures. Praise for the Lord for his faithfulness to care for us in every circumstance! We had quaint Sunday School Christmas program at church last night with the power out and candles glowing everywhere, as the children were dressed in their gaudy costumes and recited scripture, we were told again the incredible story of our Savior’s arrival into our world. How sweet to behold my eldest son, whining as he was, on the stage with the other kids in his first Christmas program wearing his donkey ears, refusing to sing Away In A Manger even though he knows all the words and can drum in time to the song. He’s just too cute! (Sorry, no pics). And the newborn babe up there with her mommy and daddy was so precious. I love tradition and I’m so excited for my boys to begin to take in all the things that I delighted in as a child. It’s so fun to be able to start family traditions of our own this year.

On Saturday we hoped to take the boys to the Enchanted Forest for the first time. I was so looking forward to hearing Wyatt exclaim, “Yights!!” every five seconds as we drove through, and Markus would probably have said something like, “Look at THOSE lights, THAT’s Cool!” But our plans changed slightly when we locked our keys in the van at McDonald’s and had to wait an hour for a tow truck to get us back in, haha. Hopefully we’ll do it this week sometime.

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  1. Becky Says:

    Oh winter is truely magical if you can sit warmly inside. Locking the keys in the vehicle is never fun:(

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