The Verdict

Now that I know what’s going on I can breathe a sigh of relief and disappointment and share my story with you all. Two weeks ago I had a doctor’s appointment and she was checking my tummy and said, “What is that fundus doing way up there?” (For those of you who don’t know, the height of the fundus is just a weird way of saying how high your uterus is). Umm, I don’t know? She figured I was measuring bigger than I should have been for how far along I was and wanted me to get an early ultrasound to make sure my due date was correct and find out how many babies I was having. Ack! So at first, the earliest I could get in for an u/s was December 31. Are you kidding me?? There’s no way I could wait that long to know if I was having twins, so I kept bugging them and got bumped up to today. And the answer is……one baby. One healthy baby. We are disappointed and relieved. I know I am not alone in thinking it would be so cool to have twins but know the reality of it would be quite a rude awakening and now that I know that I am only having one I feel like it will be a breeze, haha! Only one baby: that means I’ll get 3 hours of sleep instead of 1, and I’ll actually be able to (barely) pack all my kids into my van to go places without my husband while he’s at work :) So we wait with anticipation for the arrival of our tiny treasure in June, perhaps July since my kids seem to always be late.

More exciting news: Clay’s cousin and his wife had a baby girl this morning! So happy for Cas and Lindsay and can’t wait to meet baby Ivria!!

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  1. Becky Says:

    Lovely news of your cousin:) Her name is very pretty!

    I was pretty tense when I started reading this and then relaxed too when you said ONE baby! As exciting as it would be to have more then one at a time it would also be a little scarey and I am sure it would be more work! Lol, I agree with your view of it all and excited that baby is healthy. Hope you aren’t late again. I had two late and one early and then one almost exactly on my date. I prefer the early!

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