My exciting new toys!

Of course I know that Christmas isn’t about presents, but I got some very exciting gifts this year and I wanted to tell you about them!

From my hubby I got….
A new CD by Phil Wickham, he is amazing. Totally my style, sort of Brit-rock-ish, but he’s not British. Very worshipful music, I highly recommend it!

A new cookbook that is FULL of incredible looking recipes and loads of hints and tips. Very exciting!!

And a new lens for my camera! It’s a 50mm f/1.8AF which means the aperture can go as large as 1.8 creating a gorgeous depth of field. Can’t wait to do some more shooting with it, along with something I bought with some Christmas money from my parents and in-laws…

A speedlight! This thing makes SUCH an incredible difference in my photos! Now I have no excuse to not be taking more pictures!

I also spent some Christmas money on…krzr
a red krzr! I finally have my red phone! I couldn’t care less that it can play music, am somewhat thankful that it has a camera, but I just love the fact that it is skinny, flips, and is RED :)

And last, and most insane…. let me preface this by saying last year Clay got a MacBook Pro as a Christmas bonus from his boss (yes, we love this man, and for much more than this gifts!) and this year he got a generous bonus again so Clay wanted to spend it on another (used) MacBook Pro so that he could take one to the office to make work easier and I could have one at home, for my very own. WOW!

And I still have money leftover to go buy shoes, get a pedicure, and who knows what else! I am overwhelmed by the generousity of those around me, I received more than I ever, EVER expected!

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  1. Janelle Says:

    oh my goodness you got spoiled! pass some of that on my way! :) especially the Phil CD – i really want that one! :)

  2. Becky Says:

    Have to check that artist out… love the phone, guess cuz I the same one:)

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