Being alone is so not cool

Clay is in St. Louis (MO, not SK for all you small towners out there, haha!) for work for the next few days and boy do I miss him already! We had to wake up at 3:45 this morning to get ready to take him to the airport. I waited until we were just about ready to go before we got the boys up and they did so well with being woken from their sleep. Markus was all smiles, “Good morrrning Daddy!” and Wyatt was a little grumpy at the beginning but both stayed awake for the whole drive, how is that possible? If I hadn’t been driving I’d have been asleep in an instant! Thankfully we were all able to go back to sleep when we got home.

The whole day just feels weird knowing that Clay won’t be coming home at the end of the day to have supper with us, play with the boys, and hang out with me once the boys are in bed. And I have to go to sleep alone :( So not cool. I’m glad we don’t do this very often! And I am cooking for two little birdies. Sigh. What do I even make? I guess whatever I want and if they don’t like it they’ll have to live with it just like any other day :)

My food saga continues. I am perennially frustrated by how much money we spend on food. It is really crazy how expensive food is and how much of our one income goes to buying it. I am trying once again to get hints, tips, ideas and wisdom to make the task of menu planning and grocery shopping easier and more affordable. Dug out my More-with-Less cookbook again yesterday and am ready to dig in and start trying to learn to cook like a grandma. I really should go pick my grandma and Nanny’s brains about how to cook more efficiently with less waste and less money: they’re the experts! And I’m seriously considering turning part of our weed-lawn into a garden plot this spring if our house doesn’t sell. If that happens I’ll have much to learn about gardening!!

So, anyone have anything that works for them to share with me?

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  1. Becky Says:

    Seriously, I am sure I have mentioned this before so please forgive me, but we kicked our menu into gear again and have saved so much this month! Checking deals at fav grocery store when making menu has really helped!

  2. Becky Says:

    We also buy our main meat all at once in the fall! Either hunting or we get a buffalo cut up for us… it saves us big time cuz meat at the grocery store isn’t cheep!

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