Lovely day for a Guinness

lgpp30181lovely-day-for-a-guinness-guinness-posterI finally started adding some colour to our very pale interior: I painted a wall in the dining room last night. I so hoped it would cover properly in one coat, as I only had a quart and the woman at the store figured that would be enough. Wishful thinking. Back I go today to get more. Gonna get a gallon this time since we decided we’re going to paint the same colour on a couple walls in the living room and front entrance. I LOVE the colour (Davenport Tan – I know, the tan part makes it sound blah, but Davenport….it sounds so refined and British. I want to talk with an English accent every time I walk in the room :), and when it’s all done I’ll be sure to post some pics. I am so looking forward to getting this dining room done so we can hang our art – Guinness posters! They are so cool, and the colours in them are fantastic. (We’ve got this toucan one, and the “Guinness for strength” one as well.) I’m feeling so inspired when it comes to decorating this blank canvas and it’s so much fun! The trouble is affording all we want to do. That’s always the trouble, isn’t it?

p.s. For the record: I don’t even like Guinness, I just like the art :) Clay likes it though – the darker the beer the better for him.

2 Responses to “Lovely day for a Guinness”

  1. Dana Says:

    Sounds great – will have to come see it sometime.
    Your house is going to look fantastic! (it already does)

  2. karina Says:

    hey – i come check out your blog and there are four new posts! way to go. sounds like your paint will be great. i have been itching to paint our bedroom since we moved in but haven’t gotten around to it… and i would like to join you in singing the finished basement song. maybe add a few lines about not having leaks down there when it rains? :)

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