No More Poo

starwars_shampoo_shopFirst of all, don’t ask about the photo. I googled for an image with the phrase, “shampoo in garbage” and this is what I came up with…. :)

After reading on about how to clean your hair without shampoo, I thought it was interesting. It made sense that the reason our hair gets so greasy is because we’ve taught it to do so: the more shampoo you use, the more oil your scalp produces to make up for what you’ve just stripped away. Yeah, there’s the issue of chemicals, and to a degree that concerns me (I guess), but the real kicker for me is that I’m cheap.

I can’t fathom how some women can spend SO much money on their hair care products (cuts are a whole other can of worms….don’t get me started on $200 trips to the salon). But really, just on shampoo and conditioner alone, some will spend upwards of $15/bottle. Are you one of them? Not me. Not ever. $5 is pushing it. So the thought of completely axing shampoo and conditioner from my life is appealing because it will save me money.

Another issue in our house is fragrance. 99% of the shampoos out there, I can’t even bring through the front door. It used to be for the sake of my husband because he had such severe scent allergies, but because I’ve avoided anything with fragrance for so long it seems that I’m even more sensitive to it than he is. If I could get rid of shampoo and conditioner entirely, it would save me a lot of headaches – literally!!

So I’m trying it. Today was Poo Free Day 1. I washed with a baking soda & water solution, and rinsed with an apple cider vinegar & water solution. So far so good! My hair feels incredibly clean and I’m optimistic for what’s to come. I’ll keep you posted.

3 Responses to “No More Poo”

  1. Becky Fehr Says:

    What did you find for washing hair oh natural? I am totally interested! A website or something I can check out? Seriously just baking soda and then apple cider vinegar? I too feel like shampoo is such a money waste.

  2. Kendall Says:

    Uh-oh… I’m one of those girls who not only DELIGHTS in new shampoos and pretty scents – I’ve been known (in the past, mind you) to spend the $15-$20 a bottle. :)

    That said: that expensive shampoo and conditioner lasted me OVER one year (with regular use, too!)… and for that reason I have to say that OCCASIONALLY more pricey is a good deal. :)

    But good to know about Clay and your sensitivities… we’ll try our best to be careful around you guys. :)

  3. Dana Says:

    Good for you! Let me know how it goes!
    I looked at that site – think I’ll try the oil face washing thing.
    I like nice shampoo (especially organic) but they are costly so anything to save some cash is a good thing!

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