Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?!

dsc_0121 She’s a beautiful, petite, content, lovely, precious, sweet, cute, amazing, adorable, unforgettable, gorgeous, happy, smiley, expressive, delightful, awe-inspiring, heart-melting, joy-giving princess.

My daughter.

When she was still in the womb, people would exclaim how excited I must be to be having a girl. Of course! It struck me as odd though, the way they seemed to think I was more excited about expecting a girl than I would have been if I had been awaiting the arrival of another boy. Let’s get one thing straight: if God had given our family a third boy instead of Bailey, I would not have been disappointed in him! We weren’t having a third child in an effort to “get a girl”, we had a third child because we felt led to have another child in our family, to love, care for, instruct, and teach about Jesus. I am thrilled he sent us Bailey. She’s an absolute gift!!

Having boys changed me (and continues to!), and having a girl is changing me as well. The Lord has used her to change my heart in ways I never knew were possible. From the moment I first held her and saw her perfect little face, I felt a weightiness I can’t explain. People ask, “Does it feel different to have a girl?” Absolutely. There is a weightiness on my heart as I behold this beautiful child, and realized that she will grow up looking to me for direction. The way I looked at my mom as a little girl, and admired everything she did. I was watching the way she cooked, baked, cleaned house, packed lunch for my dad, worshiped God, sang in the car, stayed home to raise her children, and selflessly served her family in obedience to Jesus. I watched my mom and learned a lot about what it means to be a wife and mother from her example. The weightiness falls on me when I realize my daughter will look to me, and learn from me, the way I learned from my mom. By the grace of God I hope to give her a good example, as I was given.

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  1. Dana Says:

    You are a wonderful woman and mother. Bailey is blessed to have you as her example!
    As the saying goes, “we learn from the best.” Our mother’s are our mother’s for a reason. And our daughter’s were sent to us for a reason. We can pass down every wonderful thing our mother’s passed on to us!

    It’s so much fun already having these sweet girls to look after! Only going to get better!

    PS – I’m curious -How’s the natural hair washing going?

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